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If you drive a diesel, you know it provides a plethora of distinct advantages over petrol or gasoline-powered counterpart. It can idle for thousands of hours without going through the same wear and tear a gas engine would endure, it is more fuel-efficient, has lower emissions, and offers a better power-to-weight ratio, which is why it is common in heavy-duty trucks. Overall, diesels are workhorses. But despite these upsides, diesel vehicles also have their fair share of disadvantages. One of them is the costly repair and maintenance. Some diesel mechanic near me offering diesel services is expensive. Fortunately, you can get superior quality diesel services at a price you can afford here at Elite Truck & Auto Repair.

For the past years, we have prided ourselves in offering affordable automotive services to all vehicle makes and models, including diesel. We employ some of the best diesel mechanics in Greenville. They have all the necessary tools and knowledge to complete even the most complex diesel problems. Whether you need any of the following services, our trusted diesel experts can handle them for you.

  • Internal engine repair
  • Fuel injection
  • Fuel system servicing
  • Performance part upgrades
  • Diagnostics
  • Inspections
  • Diesel preventative maintenance

Elite Truck & Auto Repair is the only diesel mechanic near me you need to call if you want to keep your diesel vehicles running long and strong without spending a fortune. Contact us today for an appointment or stop by our service shop at 5250 Meeker Road, Greenville, OH.

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Is your diesel vehicle experiencing overheating, hard starts, coolant leakage, general loss of performance, or increased fuel usage? Or is its exhaust system producing white smoke? If yes, then you need to bring it to Elite Truck & Auto Repair for professional repairs.

We are a complete one-stop diesel shop in Greenville, OH, that can tackle any minor and major repair your diesel car or truck may require. Our mechanics know diesel by heart. They have extensive training, direct experiences, and a full range of equipment to provide superior diesel repair service. On top of repairs, we also offer digital diagnostics and routine maintenance to ensure your diesel engine will run flawlessly for many years to come.


A fuel injection service keeps your diesel vehicle operating properly and helps extend its lifespan. At Elite Truck & Auto Repair, we offer fuel injection and fuel system servicing on top of our basic routine maintenance services. A fuel injection service guarantees that your valves, injectors, rings, and other individual components are well-lubricated to keep your diesel engine functioning correctly. Our specialized mechanics will make sure to thoroughly clean your system to increase your fuel efficiency, save you money, and improve how your vehicle accelerates.

Elite Truck & Auto Repair recommends drivers to get a fuel injection service about every 25,000 miles or if your diesel vehicle is experiencing any of these issues:

  • Poor performance
  • Poor acceleration
  • Poor fuel mileage
  • Engine pinging
  • A rough idle or lurching
Mechanic repair semi truck diesel engine in Greenville, OH


Trust your diesel vehicle to the best automotive shop in Greenville, OH: Elite Truck & Auto Repair. We have the latest in diesel technology and can provide you with anything you need to get your diesel vehicle back to its prime condition. Aside from top regional diesel mechanics and a diesel-ready shop, we also stock high-quality diesel products, parts, and accessories.

Elite Truck & Auto Repair is a preferred JASPER® Engines & Transmission installer. JASPER® is the nation’s largest remanufacturer of diesel engines and other vehicle parts. We choose them for our Greenville diesel drivers because they have 75 years of experience in the automotive industry and dedicated extensive research to correct problems in the original manufacturer’s design. Hence, improving product performance, reliability, and durability to provide the highest quality value.

For the best diesel parts and repair services in Greenville, OH, call or stop by Elite Truck & Auto Repair today!

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